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*** Download an updated version of the first 50 FAQs in PDF to read offline from here***

Q1: Can angels communicate with humans and if not, what is their purpose?

Q2: Why does Islam oppress women?

Q3: Why do Muslim women wear “Hijab”?

Q4: Why did the Prophet PBUH (Peace Be Upon Him) marry Aisha, may Allah be pleased with her, when she was so young (according to some narrations, she was 9 years old when he was over 50)?

Q5: Was Islam spread by the sword and forced onto others?

Q6: Why do Muslims hate homosexuals?

Q7: Why do Muslims hate Jews?

Q8: Why do Muslims take part in violent “Jihad”?

Q9: Why are all terrorists Muslim? 

Q10: Why are non Muslims not allowed to enter the cities of Makkah or Medina?

Q11: Why are Muslims trying to push “Sharia law” onto others?

Q12: Why do Muslims see themselves as superior to others?

Q13: Why are Muslim men allowed to have more than one wife?

Q14: Why are Muslims not allowed to have boyfriends /girlfriends?

Q15: Why do Muslims eat so much meat?

Q16: Why do Muslims insult non Muslims by calling them “Kafir”?

Q17: Why are there sects in Islam such as Sunni and Shia and why do they hate each other?

Q18: Why do Muslims slaughter animals on their celebrations and why does it look so harsh?

Q19: Why is Islam so hard to practise?

Q20: Why is taking interest forbidden in Islam?

Q21: What is the Kaaba and do Muslims worship it like an idol?

Q22: Why is Jerusalem important to Muslims and why is there conflict there today?

Q23: Why do Muslims reject the theory of evolution?

Q24: How does Islam protect the rights of animals?

Q25: Why do Muslims depend on Western countries for refuge and to solve their problems rather than helping each other?

Q26: Why are Muslims so dishonest and why do they keep cheating?

Q27: Why are Muslims not patriotic towards the non-Muslim countries that they are living in?

Q28: Why is Islam so “strict”?

Q29: Why are Muslims suffering if Islam is so good?

Q30: Why is anyone who leaves Islam killed?

Q31: Why are Muslim women not allowed to work and only confined to the house?

Q32: Why do Muslims beat children?

Q33: Why is slavery allowed in Islam?

Q34: Why are people blamed for sinning and /or disbelievingly if everything has already been predestined?

Q35: Does the Quran suggest that people should follow Christianity?

Q36: Why are men given preference over women in Islam?

Q37: Why did the Prophet PBUH go on so many battles and did he commit “war crimes”?

Q38: Why should people follow Islam when there are many religions that are older?

Q39: Why do Muslims hate dogs and pigs?

Q40: How can Muslims claim that the Prophet PBUH (Peace Be Upon Him) was sent to the whole of mankind when many people have not heard of him?

Q41: Why do Muslims not drink alcohol?

Q42: Why do Muslims follow a lunar calendar that is in the 1400s instead of the 2000s and how does Islam take account of the extra years?

Q43: Why do Muslims have different opinions about things such as the dates for Ramadan?

Q44: Why is the Arabic language so important to Muslims?

Q45: Why do Muslims only marry their cousins /within their community?

Q46: Why do Muslims believe in “fairy tales”?

Q47: Why do Muslims try to overthrow their leaders? 

Q48: Why do Muslims keep beards?

Q49: Why do Muslims not take part in celebrations?

Q50: Why are Muslims not fashionable?

Q51: Do Muslims give charity?

Q52: Why do Muslims get offended when people draw cartoons of their prophet?

Q53: How do Muslims get married if men and women cannot mix freely with each other?

Q54: Why are Muslim families so large?

Q55: Why do Muslims circumcise?

Q56: Why do Muslims have no idea what their God looks like? 

Q57: What are the symbols of Islam and what is their significance?

Q58: Why do Muslims destroy sites of other religions and /or convert them into mosques?

Q59: Why are Muslims superstitious?

Q60: Why do Muslims eat with their right hand?

Q61: Why do Muslims not like to talk about sex?

Q62: Why are Muslims not interested in history and culture?

Q63: Why do Muslims go for Hajj /pilgrimage to Makkah and what do they do there? 

Q64: How do Muslims see happiness and success in life?

Q65: Why do Muslims fast during Ramadan?

Q66: Why do Muslims fast outside of Ramadan?

Q67: Why are Muslims so boring?

Q68: What evidence do Muslims have that the Prophet PBUH really existed?

Q69: What is Zamzam and why is it important to Muslims?

Q70: Why are Muslim men rewarded with women in paradise and what will women receive? 

Q71: Will Muslim men receive more reward than Muslim women?

Q72: Why do Muslim women wear veils?

Q73: Does Islam give preference to Arabs?

Q74: Why do Muslims believe that the Prophet PBUH is the greatest Prophet?

Q75: Why are Muslims so negative?

Q76: Are there different versions of the Quran?

Q77: Was the Quran copied from other religious scripts? 

Q78: Why do Muslims not accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour?

Q79: Is Islam a pagan religion?

Hardly any day passes without some any media coverage of Islam or Muslims somewhere in the world but ironically, there is still a great misunderstanding of the religion and there are many misconceptions. I am by no means a scholar but it is hoped that this part of the site can be directed towards the reader whereby they may ask general questions to gain a better understanding of Islam. I will try my best to either write answers to the questions or direct the reader to somewhere where they can find a more suitable answer. There are however, a few basic rules to follow before posting a message from the reply button below: 

  • Be courteous towards others, not being rude and /or insulting others’ beliefs
  • Keep the question brief and /or simple so that it is easy to follow
  • Do not simply believe everything you hear especially in mainstream media and feel free to do your own background reading around the topic. This includes my answers
  • If you have a technical question about Islamic rulings on various issues, please refer to a local scholar /post a message on a website such as this

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