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Q1: I very much believe that angels can communicate to humans. But I was told several times that Muslims don’t believe this to be possible. So it got me to thinking, what is the purpose of angels if not to guide humanity? What do they do in Muslim theology? I can’t find very much on this subject. I also really want to know what Muslims reactions are to Americans who believe that we can receive messages from angels. This is a pretty common belief over here.

Q2: Why does Islam oppress women?

Q3: Why do Muslim women wear “Hijab”?

Q4: Why did the Prophet PBUH (Peace Be Upon Him) marry Aisha, may Allah be pleased with her, when she was so young (according to some narrations, she was 9 years old when he was over 50)?

Q5: Was Islam spread by the sword and forced onto others?

Q6: Why do Muslims hate homosexuals?

Q7: Why do Muslims hate Jews?

Q8: Why do Muslims take part in violent “Jihad”?

Q9: Why are all terrorists Muslim? 

Q10: Why are non Muslims not allowed to enter the cities of Makkah or Medina?

Q11: Why are Muslims trying to push “Sharia law” onto others?

Q12: Why do Muslims see themselves as superior to others?

Q13: Why are Muslim men allowed to have more than one wife?

Q14: Why are Muslims not allowed to have boyfriends /girlfriends?

Q15: Why do Muslims eat so much meat?

Q16: Why do Muslims insult non Muslims by calling them “Kafir”?

Q17: Why are there sects in Islam such as Sunni and Shia and why do they hate each other?

Q18: Why do Muslims slaughter animals on their celebrations and why does it look so harsh?

Q19: Why is Islam so hard to practise?

Q20: Why is taking interest forbidden in Islam?

Q21: What is the Kaaba and do Muslims worship it like an idol?

Q22: Why is Jerusalem important to Muslims and why is there conflict there today?

Q23: Why do Muslims reject the theory of evolution?

Q24: How does Islam protect the rights of animals?

Q25: Why do Muslims depend on Western countries for refuge and to solve their problems rather than helping each other?

Q26: Why are Muslims so dishonest and why do they keep cheating?

Q27: Why are Muslims not patriotic towards the non-Muslim countries that they are living in?

Q28: Why is Islam so “strict”?

Q29: Why are Muslims suffering if Islam is so good?

Q30: Why is anyone who leaves Islam killed?

Q31: Why are Muslim women not allowed to work and only confined to the house?

Q32: Why do Muslims beat children?

Q33: Why is slavery allowed in Islam?

Q34: Why are people blamed for sinning and /or disbelievingly if everything has already been predestined?

Q35: Does the Quran suggest that people should follow Christianity?

Q36: Why are men given preference over women in Islam?

Q37: Why did the Prophet PBUH go on so many battles and did he commit “war crimes”?

Q38: Why should people follow Islam when there are many religions that are older?

Q39: Why do Muslims hate dogs and pigs?

Q40: How can Muslims claim that the Prophet PBUH (Peace Be Upon Him) was sent to the whole of mankind when many people have not heard of him?

Q41: Why do Muslims not drink alcohol?

Q42: Why do Muslims follow a lunar calendar that is in the 1400s instead of the 2000s and how does Islam take account of the extra years?

Q43: Why do Muslims have different opinions about things such as the dates for Ramadan?

Q44: Why is the Arabic language so important to Muslims?

Q45: Why do Muslims only marry their cousins /within their community?

Q46: Why do Muslims believe in “fairy tales”?

Hardly any day passes without some any media coverage of Islam or Muslims somewhere in the world but ironically, there is still a great misunderstanding of the religion and there are many misconceptions. I am by no means a scholar but it is hoped that this part of the site can be directed towards the reader whereby they may ask general questions to gain a better understanding of Islam. I will try my best to either write answers to the questions or direct the reader to somewhere where they can find a more suitable answer. There are however, a few basic rules to follow before posting a message from the reply button below: 

  • Be courteous towards others, not being rude and /or insulting others’ beliefs
  • Keep the question brief and /or simple so that it is easy to follow
  • Do not simply believe everything you hear especially in mainstream media and feel free to do your own background reading around the topic. This includes my answers
  • If you have a technical question about Islamic rulings on various issues, please refer to a local scholar /post a message on a website such as this


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    1. JazakumAllah Khair. If you can think of any questions (FAQs) about Islam that you think I should try to answer /direct the reader to, please let me know. For now, please share the link


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