Q15: Meat

While it is true that many Muslims eat meat, that does not mean that they always eat excessive meat and /or eat more meat than others. It is important to have a balanced diet to live a healthy life and too much of anything is not good. Here are some things to think about:

  • Eating meat is optional and it is perfectly acceptable for someone to choose to be a vegetarian
  • Historically, many people ate meat products, even in places where there are many vegetarians such as in the Indian Subcontinent
  • Vegetable products might not always be easily available such as in non-agricultural countries where livestock is more common
  • Eating meat products can provide certain nutrients that might not always be easily available such as iron (red meat) and omega 3 (in oily fish). As an interpreter for Arabic, I have personally interpreted for doctors, nurses and midwives who advised patients to have meat products, such as by advising women with anemia to have red meat to increase their red blood cells
  • Sometimes meat products are needed such as in insulin injections for people who are diabetic
  • Sometimes eating meat products can be useful such as if someone is an athlete and /or is weight training. Having a vegetarian diet here does not always work for everyone
  • Restrictions have been placed on certain animals that are not allowed to be eaten such as various carnivorous animals and pig meat. This is in complete contrast to what occurs in certain parts of the world such as many Far Eastern countries such as China where people eat everything from spiders to snakes as well as lots of pig meat.


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