Q26: Why are Muslims so dishonest and why do they keep cheating?

There is no doubt that Muslims are not perfect and that there are Muslims who cheat and do dishonest things. However, it is important to keep in mind that there is good and bad in every society and there is always a difference between what the religion teaches and what the followers of the religion actually do. For example:

  • There have been many child abuse cases by Christian Priests over the years but that does not mean that Christianity promotes child abuse. You can find out more from here. So why is it that when some Muslim Imams (Muslims who lead prayer) commit crimes, people suggest that this has something to do with Islam and not blame the individuals committing the crimes?
  • There have been some extreme rape cases in India such as in 2017 by an Indian Guru, Ram Rahim Singh. Another example in 2018 was the case of Asifa Bano, an 8 year old Muslim Kashmiri girl who was raped inside a Hindu temple. You can read her story from here. This does not mean however that all Hindus are evil.

There are many other examples such as:

  • In the UK, there is racism at the workplace and differences in pay based on people of ethnic minorities at universities. You can read more from here.
  • There have been many cases of corporate fraud such as with WorldCom in the US. There is story about this here.
  • There have been many cases of harassment at work (an example of a high profile case in the US was of Harvey Weinstein). You can find out more from here.

Again, none of the above mentioned events are reflections of the religions’ teachings.

Many problems occur due to negative media coverage and portrayals. For example, Arabs and Muslims are often portrayed in many Hollywood movies as being religiously motivated criminals who do not respect people from other religions and try to force Islam onto others. While this might sound trivial, these images subconsciously condition people to see Arabs and Muslims as evil. These issues are explained in a documentary that is based on a book, Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood Villifies a People by Dr Jack Shaheen who has analysed more than a 1,000 movies and Arab and Muslim portrayals in them. He goes on to explain how these negative images indirectly cause people to see Arabs and Muslims as evil so when images such as of Iraqis being tortured by white Americans, they do not affect people the way that they should because all too often, people are used to seeing Arabs as evil. You can watch the documentary from here.

On the opposite extreme, Buddhists are often portrayed as being very peaceful and non-violent, often meditating and living peaceful and simple lives in the mountains. While I am sure that many of them are in fact peaceful, not all of them are. However, as many people do not often see this side to them, they are reluctant to believe that Buddhist Monks can carry guns and be just as violent as poor followers of any religion. Therefore, there is little or no coverage of the mass killings of Muslims by Buddhist Monks such as in Burma. You can find out more from here. According to some reports, the Rohingya people of Burma are the most persecuted minority in the world. Here is some more information on them.

It is somewhat similar with the case of China’s treatment of Uighur Muslims who have been put in internment camps where they have been beaten, tortured and even forced to renounce Islam. You can find out more from here.

Apart from not many people knowing and /or discussing these camps, if you look at many people’s comments, you can see that many people are praising China’s efforts and treatment of Muslims. Scroll down to read people’s comments from here.

Muslims are not perfect, but Muslims still make great contributions to society and there have been many examples from all walks of life. Some examples include:

  • The most common name for UK doctors as of 2014 is Dr Khan, which is a common surname for Muslims from the Indian subcontinent, as well as Dr Ahmed, Dr Ali and Dr Patel, although there are also Hindus with the name Patel. You can find out more from here.
  • Hanan Al Hroub won the Global Teacher’s Award in 2016. You can find out more from here.
  • Haroon Mota, a British Indian, won a Good Citizen Award in 2018 and does many activities for Penny Appeal. You can read about him and his charity here.
  • You can see more examples from my videos about “Muslim Communities” from here, which includes information about Islam in the UK, Australia, France, South East Asia, China and other places. Watch my videos here.

If you would like to see what a good follower of Islam is like, perhaps it would be useful to read about the Prophet PBUH (Peace Be Upon Him) who was the best ever follower of the religion. You can read his biography here.

Here are some very positive comments about the Prophet PBUH by non-Muslims.

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