A Guide to teaching English in Saudi Arabia 1: Al Baha

Synopsis When many people think of Saudi Arabia, they think of the religion and politics. There are however many people who go to Saudi Arabia every year from all over the world, including many people who go there to teach, including teaching English. There are many questions and concerns that such people might have about… Continue reading A Guide to teaching English in Saudi Arabia 1: Al Baha


Al Burtuqali School

Synposis¬† When the Battle of Hastings takes place in 1066, David Fisher, a younger fisherman from England, is forced to cross the sea leaving behind his home, friends and everything else. There, he meets Mohammed Al Burtuqali, whose family escaped conflict with Christians in the County of Portugal. Having nowhere else to go, they decide… Continue reading Al Burtuqali School


Ancient Mediterranean Merchant

Synopsis:¬† Shebak is a typical boy living in upper class Ancient Egyptian society in 1623 BC. He develops an interest in travel and dreams of someday becoming a successful merchant, travelling along the Mediterranean Sea. With the help of his sister Amoon and friend Hatton, he follows his passions and tries to make his dreams… Continue reading Ancient Mediterranean Merchant