Q49: Why do Muslim not take part in celebrations?

Nowadays people have all sorts of celebrations such as Christmas and other celebrations that people around the world take part in. However, Muslims do not always take part in such celebrations so some people might get the wrong idea and think that they are being anti social.   There are many celebrations nowadays that many… Continue reading Q49: Why do Muslim not take part in celebrations?

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The horrors of the Day of Judgment

  Pondor, oh blessed one, on these great things that we are still interested in -their greatness, their strength, the earth, the mountains, the rivers, the heavens, the sun and the moon. What will be their condition do you think?   Pondor on their condition to know the coming horrors and know what will be… Continue reading The horrors of the Day of Judgment

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The Day of Ashura

Every year, there is extensive media coverage of the events on the "Day of Ashura" at Karbala in Iraq, which thousands of Shia pilgrims visit from around the world. But what is the story behind the "Day of Ashura" and why is it important? It might surprise you to know that the day has religious… Continue reading The Day of Ashura