Q7: Muslims and Jews

The relationship between Arabs and Jews is very long and complicated. Both of them branch out from the same origin as they are both Semitic people who speak Semitic languages, Arabic and Hebrew. In fact, Jews, along with Christians, are known to Muslims as “Ahl Al Kitab” (People of the Book) due to their closeness… Continue reading Q7: Muslims and Jews


Palaces, Mosques, Forts and more –Andalucia, Spain

28th March 2010 to 4th April 2010… Although I had been to Spain in the past, this was my first trip to the southernmost part, Andalucia. The trip was during the Easter Break to Malaga, although we were expected to stay at a place called “Torremolinos”. While this might sound like a beach holiday at… Continue reading Palaces, Mosques, Forts and more –Andalucia, Spain