Q10: Entry to Makkah or Medina

In every country there are places where not everyone can go such as to the House of Parliament in the UK or the White House in the US. There are also other places with restrictions such as special student campuses where not everyone can go and this can be for various reasons such as not… Continue reading Q10: Entry to Makkah or Medina


Q4: Young bride

There are many reasons for why the Prophet PBUH married Aisha, may Allah be pleased with her, when she was so young. I will mention a few things here: • There was no force in marriage and she married out of her own free will. • She was the only wife of he Prophet PBUH… Continue reading Q4: Young bride

The Life Project

Why have projects?

Perhaps one of the questions that circles in the mind of the reader of this book specifically is this question: why projects in particular? Why have these long discussions about it when it is possible that a person can present work where all the characteristics of the project do not apply to it, despite being… Continue reading Why have projects?