Q30: Why is anyone who leaves Islam killed?

Firstly, in any religion, there are always people who take the religion seriously and those who do not. Among them are those who apostate (leave the religion) and those who commit blasphemy (making offensive sacrilegious comments). Not everyone who commits such acts however is taken seriously and quite often those who make blasphemous comments are… Continue reading Q30: Why is anyone who leaves Islam killed?


Famous examples

Here are a few famous examples of people who converted to Islam with their stories Yvonne Ridley: former BBC journalist who was kidnapped in Afghanistan and later converted to Islam. You can listen to her narrate her story from here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFqtZd0y_0g Lauren Booth: sister in law of former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, who converted… Continue reading Famous examples